Baselight 420X is the next generation truly mobile LED light tower that will bring a massive change in the way we work with temporary light. It has been developed from the ground up with extensive input from professionals in the rental and rescue industry over several years. Now it is ready for new challenges where performance, economy and agility matters. Read more or See more

"We are offering the industry a radical replacement of the old half ton light towers with the latest technology advancements"


  • 50 000 Lumen

  • Compact and rugged

  • 360 or 180 degree floodlight

  • Indoors as well as outdoors (IP67)

  • Safe with color coded guidance

  • Dimmable light to fit situation

  • Adjustable leg angels

  • 15 feet high


  • Small storage space

  • 15-420W Power consumption

  • 50 000 hours lifespan on LED:s

  • 5 year warranty

  • No training required

  • Easy replacement of parts

  • No maintenance required

  • Easy transport


  • Deployed in 30 seconds

  • No lifting machinery needed

  • Multiple units fit into a normal car

  • Weight 35Kg (77lb)

  • Integrated wheels

  • Swift change of light configurations

  • Can be carried to location

  • Selfcontained

Download PDF-broschure

Download PDF-broschure