The strong PVC material fits tight around the case and protects the system against extreme conditions such as concrete splatter and provides an excellent print space for graphic content such as company logos. Custom colors and prints can be delivered.

Ballast triangle

This innovative feature allows for easy ballast of Baselight making it wind resistant up to 30 m/s(!). It can be filled with water, sand or grovel.

The wheel assembly makes it  easy to move the system around on site. They can handle mud and grovel with ease.


Soft carry-case
This carry case is a great substitute for the fixed wheels when you need to bring your Baselight on a flight (yes, it can be checked in as luggage on most airlines!). The case is made from Nylon and have 2 cm padding and a hard back. The integrated wheels are perfect for transporting the system indoors and in paved areas.


12V to AC inverter
This piece of equipment transforms the 12V DC in a car to AC so that you can run Baselight from the car battery. It can run for hours providing a good battery.


Gasoline generators
Different sizes of gasoline generators from ultra-small to larger models.



Solar generator
This  amazing system is produced by the american company Solar Stik and allows baselight to operate on pure solar (or wind) energy. The system contains a portable solution for both the solar panels as well as the battery bank and inverter. Different sizes are available.