Lets be honest. The light-equipment industry has generally been slow to adapt new technology. Most producers have stretched their efforts as far as to put LED-armatures on their old designs without any fundamental rethinking of new possibilities.

We decided to start from scratch by analyzing the challenges faced with temporary light in the Rescue and Construction industry. We identified three key areas for improvement: Performance, Economy and Agility. This is how the concept of Baselight was born and you can read more about it's history here.

Baselight 420X


Baselight is the only truly portable light system in the world that can produce 50 000 lumens with a power consumption of 420W. The innovative lens technology makes sure that all available light is placed where it is needed. On the ground. As a indication of efficiency it easily outperforms a 4x400W halogen system with about 30% more light. At the same time consuming 75% less energy. See it here


Economy is the total of many contributing design factors. Here is a list of Baselight benefits in this area: 

- Zero maintenance
- Small storage space
- Low energy consumption
- Low transport cost
- One person operation



Time is money and in some cases the difference between life and death. Baselight is designed with light and strong materials and has a weight of 30Kg (66lb). This means that Baselight can easily be moved around on a site where it is best needed without any assisting machinery or additional manpower. Switch between 360 degree light or 180 degree floodlight in a matter of seconds.

Download PDF-broscure

Download PDF-broscure