Social commitment

Here at Prime Design we strive to develop products that have an impact on peoples life. Baselight is a prime example of that!

Learning from the earthquake in Haiti 2010 we decided to make a light system that would not fail when peoples life depend on it. Baselight brings light to unsafe areas where it would be impossible for other systems to operate. Safety on a work site or in a refugee camp - its all the same from a technical standpoint.

Being a ultra-economical system, Baselight can operate in parts of the world where electricity is a scares commodity. This fact will also help saving natural resources and lower our customers environmental impact.

Our contribution - Light into darkness

For every 100 Baselight we sell commercially we will donate one system to an humanitarian organisation in our waiting list. In the long run we aim to use this technology to empower humanitarian organisations around the world at the lowest possible cost.

If you represent such a rescue or relief organization. Please feel free to contact us so we can put you on the waiting-list.

Are you representing a customer who want to participate in larger scale with our mission to bring light to people in need? Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can do this together.

Thank you for your support!