Technical details


When stoved Baselight measures 1200 mm by 300 mm and has a weight of 30 Kg(66lb).  Three integrated legs provide excellent support on uneven surfaces. The high strength airplane aluminum alloy makes it strong and flexible. The modular design makes replacement of damaged parts easy.


The armature consist of 6 high power LED-panels with specially designed optics and cooling units. The optics have been carefully designed to provide a perfect beam that projects all light on the ground where its needed. Light distribution is just as important as light-power itself. The front of the cooling units are fitted with slots for insertion of color or diffusion plates.

Baselights specially designed heat sinks ensure the LED-panels will perform anywhere from the hot desserts to the freezing arctic. The armature is foldable and transforms from a 360° to 180° floodlight in seconds.

Baselight armature
Baselight power supply


Only the best materials have been used in Baselight. The power supply's are no exception. They are IP67 classed and have all major certifications to ensure that they operate within all country's regulations. This is often a source of problem with cheaper light equipment where they can cause radio interference and disturbances on the mains.


Baselight 420X


Baselight is full of innovative technology and the specially developed mast is no exception. It is light, strong and self-locking. No more "lift and screw". Just lift and it self locks!

For added security the built in protection system also ensures that no locks can be released by mistake.

The wide distance between the legs and its low wind resistance allow Baselight to withstand winds at 20 m/s without support lines.


We know that our customers only trust equipment that are inherently safe to use. Baselight have been designed with a high level of safety in mind.

A clear color code highlights focus points and easy-to-read pictograms make sure anyone can operate the system safely within minutes.



Baselight is built around the "zero maintenance" concept. This means that little or no maintenance is required in a typical environment.

Baselight is built out of modules for easy replacement. Damaged leg modules can be changed in 10 minutes and the LED-panels in less than 15. We carry spare parts and ship anywhere in the world within 24 hours from order.

Download PDF-brochure here

Download PDF-brochure here